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Patio Cleaning in London

Patio Cleaning in LondonA patio is often a large investment for a home or property owner, which is the reason you need proper patio cleaning. While they look wonderful initially, the weather and human traffic take their toll. As a result, patios get dirty and stained quickly and often become home to moss, lichen, algae and weeds. All of this leaves patios looking grubby and uncared for. In addition, surfaces can become slippery and dangerous as a result. Some plant growth such as weeds and grass may even cause structural damage if it’s not removed soon.

Price-friendly patio cleaning in London

For all these reasons – financial, aesthetic and safety – it is important to keep a patio clean. Fortunately, the days of having to use corrosive cleaning agents and get down on one’s hands and knees with a bucket and scrubbing brush are over! We offer a professional and fully insured patio cleaning service that leaves it deep-clean.

Our experienced and dedicated cleaning teams begin by clearing all the items they can from the patio. For example, chairs, tables, plant pots and any other moveable items are carefully placed out of harm’s way. We then sweep the surface very thoroughly in order to remove any and all loose debris from the patio surface. Once this preparation has been completed we begin the cleaning process.

We use a specialised high-pressure cold water jet system to remove dirt, stains and plant growth. Surprisingly this jet system uses less water than a hosepipe so it is an economical and β€˜green’ system. Despite the force with which the water comes out, the jets do not cause any damage to the sub-base, surface, pointing, grouting or other jointing material.

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Our patio cleaning teams also take care to make sure that house and or boundary walls, flower-beds and anything else near the patio are not damaged or dirtied by spray. In addition, we rarely need to use cleaning materials. However, if we do need to do so on stubborn marks we use eco-friendly ones.

Our jet washer system is effective on a wide range of surface types including patterned concrete, concrete slabs, tiles, timber, stone and brick paving. The process leaves an even finish and a surface that looks not only clean but revitalised and restored to its former glory. Once the job is complete, our teams replace all the items on the patio that were moved prior to cleaning and remove any debris.

Please contact us through this website and we will contact you in order to answer your questions about this service. Alternatively, call us on 020 8629 1307 to discuss your patio cleaning requirements or for a free, no obligation quotation.