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Gardening Services Prices

In our gardening services prices we use a combination of fee structures. There are per job and per hour fees as we believe that this works out to be fair and – usually – more cost effective for our clients.

Standard services prices

Service Rate
Garden Maintenance from £127 – 2 gardeners for up to 2 hours
Tree Surgery from £109
Hedge Trimming from £90
Patio Laying from £65 per square meter
Fencing from £99 including materials
Turfing from £35 per square meter

Our lawn care and mowing gardening services prices are quoted for on a per job basis because we feel that it is fairer to charge based on the nature of the services required and the size of the garden. After all, why should a customer with a small garden that only requires mowing and edging pay a similar fee to a customer with a large garden who requires the lawn to be aerated, fertilised or top-dressed for example?

Similarly, some gardens require minimal maintenance and clearance either due to their structure or their size. Others need a great deal more time to keep them in good condition. Charging the same for these services for both types of properties regardless of individual differences and circumstances would not be in your or our best interests. However, our gardening services prices are affordable for all types of gardens.

Our Gardening Deals

3 months starting from £114 6 months starting from £111 9 months starting from £109 12 months starting from £107
PRICE Per Month Per Month Per Month Per Month
Once Twice Weekly Once Twice Weekly Once Twice Weekly Once Twice Weekly
Per visit  £117  £115  £114  £115  £112  £111  £112  £110  £109  £110  £108  £107
Saving for the period  £40  £82  £166  £82 £190  £394  £145  £315  £658  £214  £466  £970

General Garden Maintenance

2 gardeners for 2 hours of work: £127

Free bags: 3 (60L each)

Additional bag: £5.50 per bag

Additional hour: £60 for both gardeners

PLEASE NOTE: The gardeners will take away and dispose for free of 3 bags of green garden waste only. Each bag is 60 Lt, in total they will take 180 Lt for free (please note if they are using 120 Lt bags, they will take 2 bags). In case you have additional bags of Rubbish, bags of 60 Lt will be charged £5.50. However, if there is a large amount of green waste, please bear in mind that they can use Jumbo bags (up to 1000kg), the price for them starts from £60.00, depending on the size.

*in case you do not wish the team to dispose the waste after the service, it will not be filled in bags but left in a pile at one corner of the garden