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Garden Maintenance in London

Garden Maintenance in LondonDesigning and planting out a garden is hard but very rewarding work but our team is here to help you for the garden maintenance in London. It’s also not inexpensive to create a garden. In light of this, the last thing you want is for your garden to become untidy and suffer from neglect. However, most of us lead busy lives these days that leave little time and energy for gardening.

This is where the garden maintenance service from Local Gardeners comes to the rescue. We will step in and keep your garden looking cared for, neat and tidy regardless of the season. There are a number of gardening chores that must be done regularly to prevent a garden becoming scruffy and overgrown.

The range of services for garden maintenance in London we offer to keep your garden in tip-top shape are as follows:

Our maintenance services

Lawn care: Our gardening teams will mow your lawn as often as required. Additionally, we trim the edges so that the lawn looks neat and grass doesn’t grow into the flower beds.

Weeding: We remove weeds from both lawns and flower beds. Our gardeners are all knowledgeable about plants and are therefore able to remove any undesirable plants from your garden.

Leaf removal: This service is especially invaluable in autumn when so many of our beautiful trees lose their leaves. While autumn colours are lovely, wet and decomposing leaves lying on the lawn can even be dangerous. We will rake and remove them for you.

Ivy and climber control: Most of us are fond of ivy, wisteria and other climbers in our gardens and on our buildings. However, they can all too easily get out of control and can cause damage to brickwork. We will keep them trimmed and pruned so that they still look lovely without posing a risk to your property.

Hedge trimming: Hedges are a traditional way to demarcate boundaries and provide privacy. Hedges can get out of control and they can encroach on space and also look very untidy. Our team will keep your hedges in shape.

Pruning: Shrubs, trees and roses require pruning from time to time to both keep their shape and also to encourage healthy growth. Pruning takes skill and our gardeners know how, when and where to prune for optimal plant health.

Waste removal: There’s inevitably some waste in the form of grass cuttings, leaves, and cuttings from pruning and trimming. We also remove this for you. And if there is less than 180L in volume there is no extra charge.

Choose our gardening services

With these services your garden will be a joy to look at and spend time in, and you won’t have to spend your time or energy in getting and keeping it that way because you can leave all the work to us!

At Local Gardeners we provide this invaluable service to customers 7 days a week so that we impact on your schedule as little as possible. We work on bank holidays so you don’t have to. Even in bad weather our garden maintenance in London is still available.

We cover the following London areas: