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Garden Clearance in London

Garden Clearance in LondonThe garden clearance service from Local Gardeners is very useful in several situations. Some gardens have been neglected and allowed to become badly overgrown. The only solution can be to clear the site.

This can be the case with properties that have been unoccupied for some time or have been let to tenants who paid no attention to the garden at all. Estate Agents, new owners, managing agents, landlords and tenants can all make use of this service so that the garden has a chance to be restored and regenerated.

Local Garden Clearance Services

Prune and trim overgrown shrubs, trees, vines and climbers

Cut overgrown or rank lawns

Trim and reshape hedges

Prune trees that are causing obstructions or blocking light

Clear weed-filled and overgrown flower beds

Turn the soil in flower beds so it is ready for planting

Remove diseased, dead or unwanted shrubs and other plants

Clear dead grass and lawn.

However, we discuss the proposed course of action with the client before we go ahead and carry out the clearance. As with all our other services:

We bring all our own tools and equipment
The service is available 7 days a week, including on bank holidays
Often we are able to offer a same-day service

We carry out work even if the weather is poor
Part of the fee we charge includes the removal of 180L of garden waste. An amount over this will be charged for separately
A free, no-obligation quote.

Local Gardeners will provide you with a garden that is a clean slate, an outdoor space that you can stamp your personality on and turn into a beautiful garden. If you are unsure how, we can advise you about that too! Once your new garden is in place, call us to do your garden clearance and to keep it looking pristine for you.