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Gardening trends in 2019 you don’t want to miss on

If you want to keep your garden up to date, you better incorporate some of the most innovative trends floating around. One good way to do this is through the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, where top gardeners from around the world showcase the best of the plant world and garden design. So we want to update you with all of the top gardening trends that you will do best to follow in 2019. 

Plant Trends 2019

Shrubs are back with a vengeance 

Well, for many people this is no news at all, considering how good shrubs fit in the garden. But many people prefer to focus on perennials, due to the absolute blast of colour they see from them from April some time till July. However, there is a certain lull that occurs in the midsummer time, when a garden without structure becomes rather messy and dull. This is where shrubs come in, as more and more gardeners want to counter this midsummer issue by using more of these plants. Shrubs like Philadelphus, Vibranium, Magnolia and Hydrangea work wonders for mid-sized gardens. 

One of the significant gardening trends is ‘naturalistic’ planting 

If you are not aware of what naturalistic planting means, it is basically a way of utilising the shape of the plant, rather than its colour. In that regard, when you plant things like daisy-shapes, spires, grasses and umbellifers, you will get a nice naturalistic feel in the place. The goal is for the end result to look more like a meadow, than a border. 

Vegetables and … more vegetables 

Perhaps you have the notion that everyone loves growing their own produce of fresh vegetables. However, if you look at trends, this one is fairly new. It has been around for the past several years and is only now picking up more popularity. Part of the reason why it is a growing gardening trend lies with the fact that it is something you can do with a window box or a small garden. Plug plants are a fantastic way to grow your vegetables since it is super easy to start them. 

Gardening Trends 2019

Trees are a thing too 

Many people like to start their gardening hobby with trees and shrubs. Trees are becoming the focus of every press release nowadays, and it is not hard to see why. They give a certain character to the garden and a sense of place that no other plant can quite well mirror. Added to the fact they purify the air and support flora and fauna, you see why they are becoming more and more popular. When you think of trees, don’t associate them with large plants. For example, the crab apple is fit for any garden, as it doesn’t take much space. Another good example of a compact tree is pleached hornbeam. 

Planting services are growing steady 

One of the trends that we see today is that more and more people are relying on professionals to plant their gardens. Most of the garden centres offer such a service. It can save you a ton of time, not to mention the end result will be something you adore. A knowledgeable gardener can see to it that your perennials, shrubs and trees look incredible. So, instead of going about this the DIY style, consider working with a professional. You will thank yourself later. 

Now that you know of the latest gardening trends, you can easily figure out what to include in your garden, if you wish to give it a modern look. 

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