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5 flower care tips for the month of June

flower care tips

A lot of people are keen on gardening for one simple reason: flowers. These colourful and fragrant plants make every garden feel alive and beautiful. However, growing beautiful flowers doesn’t just happen. It requires some knowledge and skills on care and maintenance, in order to have them grow healthy and strong.

The month of June presents many challenges for every gardener out there that wishes to enjoy beautiful flowers. If you are still new to growing and taking care of flowers, you will need to carefully consider what tasks you need to complete this time of the year. Following are some great tips to point you in the right direction:

  • Planting and sowing – if you haven’t done it already, June is the time to plant seed-raised plants and summer bedding. Ensure you water them well, as the weather may present some dry periods. If you wish to, you can plant late-flowering annuals like Godetia, Clarkia and Calendula. For perennials like delphiniums, lupins, and hollyhock, you should follow direct sowing into drill procedures. You will know when they are ready for sowing once their heads are ripened and split.  Any indoor sown flowers should be pricked out, once they reach a large enough size. Now is the time to plan for your next spring bedding – you should sow pansies and wallflowers between May and July.
  • Dividing, cutting back and pruning – if you feel like trailing and spreading plants has become somewhat patchy and tatty, you can trim them after flowering. This increases new flowers and fresh growth. If you haven’t done it already, you should cut back dead bulb foliage. However, be sure to wait until the foliage dies out naturally, else you risk ruining flowers next year. When the bulbs finish flowering, you should divide and lift them.
  • Propagation – any perennial flowers growing new shoots starting from the crown can be propagated via basal stem cutting method. If you have any garden pinks, you should pull off cuttings. You can do so by pulling with your thumb and forefinger while holding a non-flowering shoot at least four pairs of leaves from the tip of the plant.
  • flower careGeneral gardening maintenance – if you are worried about weeds spreading around, you should hoe the borders. This will prevent seeding and spreading. Be on the lookout for bindweed and be careful with ‘forget-me-nots’: lift their clumps once they have wanes, as they are quite invasive. If you have included tall perennials in your garden, you should stake them so that wind doesn’t cause damage.
  • Disease and pest watch – a number of insect pests become active this time of the year – vine weevils on containerised plants, scarlet lily beetles on lilies, aphids and slugs on pretty much every garden plant. Deal with infestations early, before they ruin your beautiful flower garden. As for diseases, be watchful of hellebore leaf spots on your Hellerbores’ old leaves.

These are all important gardening tasks to complete in the month of June if you wish your flowers to thrive. In doing that, you will enjoy beautiful flower displays later on.

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