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6 Gardening tips for beginners

Gardening is one of the most pleasant hobbies you can get into. There is something about spending more time outdoors while looking after and growing beautiful plants, that just makes every bit of gardening enjoyable.

Sometimes you may contact expert gardeners to aid your efforts. Other times you will be willing to slip on your gardening outfit and do various tasks associated with this activity on your own. If you are still new to the hobby, the followingΒ will serve you right.

Useful gardening tips for beginners:

  • Gardening Tips For BeginnersPrepare the site – one of the most important things for a thriving garden is location. There are various things you need to consider, such as what plants you will include there. Will it be a garden full of flowers, or maybe you are into herbs? Perhaps you even want to grow your own vegetables. If you are not sure, will you include a little of everything? Regardless of your choice, you need a place you see on a regular basis, or else you will forget to look after it. Additionally, make sure the area gets plenty of sunlight, as that is a needed requirement for all plants out there. You should start out small and gradually increase the size as you learn more about plants.
  • Consider a nearby water source – a proper location of a garden is near a water source. Run a hose to the area, or else you will end up lugging water every time the soil runs dry. Best way to tell when your plants need water is to poke the ground with your finger. If you feel no moisture, it is time to water, and that is when you will appreciate a location near a water source.
  • Proper watering – speaking of watering your plants, you needn’t overdo it, just as you should avoid drying the soil. Now that you know how to test whether plants need soil make sure to use this check every single time. Make sure you target the root of the plant and not so much the leaves to avoid the development of diseases and plant rot.
  • Gardening Tips by Gardeners LondonGet some tools – you cannot do garden chores without some tools. In that sense, you need pruning scissors, a towel, fork and other tools for digging as well as some watering aids, such as a watering can, or a garden hose. You will need something to tackle pesky weeds – a trowel and a gardening knife can aid you in this.
  • Choosing plants – while you may feel tempted to try some exotic plants, expert gardeners recommend native species and plants that match local growing conditions. Test your soil and find out what plants are ideal for it. Go with sun-loving plants if you have a sunny spot and shade-tolerant plants if your garden doesn’t see much sun.
  • Mulching – a 2-3 inch layer of mulch does wonders to your garden. It reduces weed growth and helps the soil retain more soil. Shredded leaves, straw, bark chips or some other locally available material works ideally.

Now that you know how to take your first steps in gardening, you can better manage the place.

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