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5 ways to save water in the garden

Expert gardeners estimate that in the warm season, excessive usage of water in the garden may occur. Excessive means up to 50% of the total amount of water used in the household, which, you must agree, is really a lot!Β You may believe that watering your plants is of utmost importance, and indeed it is – as long as you do it right. Excessive watering in drought and hot weather may ruin your garden plants. It pays to implement some viable strategies to save water in the garden and make watering more efficient.

Here is how you can save water in the garden:

  • gardening services in londonEveryday efficiency – there are so many ways you can reduce the water used in the garden on a daily basis. For starters, stop using your gardening hose and get a watering can. You will be able to target roots better that way. If you do use a hose, use a trigger control. Always water early morning or late evening, so that water doesn’t evaporate in times of peak temperatures. Pay attention to your plants and only water them when they show signs of wilting. Otherwise, you might leave their roots shallow and weak. Water frequently only seedlings and young plants.
  • Efficient watering of your lawn – the lawn of your home is likely the thirstiest part. Sprinklers are a common solution for all watering needs, but it can use as much water as your entire family uses in a day. You can let the grass grow longer so it keeps more moisture in dry weather. Even if you see the lawn grass turn brown, it doesn’t necessarily spell disaster – it can easily recover after some watering.
  • Use a water butt – every year, thousands of litres fall on your roof. Collecting the water and using it for your gardening needs is an eco-friendly practice that you should look into. Get a water bud and fit it with a lid to stop small animals from sneaking in as well as leaves clogging it. Such a system is easy to install and it is definitely quite useful to have.
  • save water in the gardenUtilise greywater – greywater is a term used to describe the water that your household uses (save the water from toilet water). Think about it: laundry, shower and sink water can be easily reused in the garden for all watering needs of non-edible plants.
  • Plan water-efficiency in your garden – there are many things you can consider in terms of water efficiency. For instance, composted soil retains much more moisture and nutrients during drought. Picking your plants with regards to the local climate is also a smart move. They will adapt easier and take less care. You should plant new trees and shrubs through plastic, as that retains more moisture and controls weeds better. Don’t overwater your garden or water it too frequently – once a week is more than enough. If you have any hanging baskets, place a planter underneath as you water them to collect any drips.

Implement as many of these strategies in order to make your watering more effective. To save water in the garden is a solid step towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable garden.

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