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5 enjoyable gardening chores for children

With a beautiful garden outside, why would you ever wonder where to take your children? Gardening is a fun activity, which your little ones will enjoy a lot.

Getting them involved is not only fun, but also quite educational. Children can learn a lot about plant care and the different flowers, vegetables and herbs. It pays to include your kids in your gardening chores.

Here are few suggestions that you should keep in mind:

  • 5 Enjoyable Garden Chores For ChildrenWatering plants – to start off, you can introduce your children to watering. Since that is an essential gardening chore, it is a good idea to teach them how to do it. Watering is not difficult, even for young children, as long as you have the right tools. Obviously, they should have a watering can fit for their size. There are many toy variants out there. Once they get it right, you will be impressed to see how much they are willing to run around filling the can and watering plants.
  • Weeding – there is no getting around weeding. Every garden out there has many unwanted weeds, which should be taken care of. It would be helpful to teach your children how to recognise weeds and eliminate them. The latter mostly means digging up the weed plant and tossing it on a pile to be later disposed of. Keep in mind that some weeds are rather nasty and may have thorns. If your children aren’t old enough, you shouldn’t rely on them in this case.
  • Picking ripe veggies and fruits – there is nothing more fun than having your children pick some healthy snacks from your garden. The main thing here is to teach them how to distinguish a ripe fruit or vegetable and how to pick it correctly so that the food doesn’t lose its characteristics. It is good for children of young age to learn where food comes from and how much care is needed to grow the plants.
  • gardening services londonLooking after birds – if you have equipped your garden with a bird feeder or a bird table, you can delegate care for these areas to your children. Give them instructions to keep water and food so that birds are always welcome to your garden. That will teach them some responsibility and present the idea of looking after a pet, without really having a pet.
  • Dealing with outdoor items – you can surely use some outdoors toys with your children. However, you should leave the tidying up after use entirely to them. Explain how the rackets, bikes, scooters and everything else your kids use should be stored and where it should be taken to after use. It will teach them to look after their items to keep them safe.

As you can see, there are many gardening activities you can engage in with your children. It is up to you to present them in such a way that will spark their interest.

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