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4 lawn mowing tips you best implement today

Lawn mowing is among the most important and frequent tasks you will be held responsible for if your home has a grassy front yard. It is not overly complicated, but it does have its specifics.

If you are no professional gardener, you may find comfort in the fact that you can teach yourself how to mow a lawn. It is something you best do, as it guarantees your lawn is kept in top shape and is as beautiful as ever. Remember, the health of your lawn may depend on frequent visits by professional gardeners, or your own efforts.

Here are few tips if you choose the latter:

  • Understand lawn mowers – knowing what mower to use and how to use it effectivellawn mowing tipsy. Since this will likely be the most used gardening equipment, it is worth it to purchase one that best satisfies your requirements. The very first choice you need to make is what type of mower you want: hand-push, petrol or electric. If your garden is small or the area of grass is easily manageable, you can get a hand-push type. If you wish to be eco-friendly and manage a larger garden, you can go with the electric type, though you will be sacrificing some power that way, as nothing beats a powerful petrol mower. You should also consider how wide the cut should be. A wider one is preferable for large lawns because it will reduce the time spent mowing. Whatever mower you decide to get, don’t forget about maintenance. Namely, you should sharpen the rotary blades often enough so they can do their job right.
  • Consider when to mow – in the UK, lawn mowing is generally carried out from March till October. How often you mow depends mainly on the season. In the summer, you are looking at 2 times a week, dropping to 1 in periods of drought. In the spring and autumn, you can mow once a week only. Over the winter you will hardly need to mow unless the grass is still growing (usually happens in mild weather). Avoid mowing if the grass is wet from rain or frozen in cold weather. It can compact the soil and damage the turf.
  • 4 lawn mowing tips you best implement todayMowing technique – the mowing process itself is fairly straightforward. The main thing you need to be mindful about is mowing height. When mowing for the first time in spring, cut as high as possible. From then on gradually reduce the cutting height until you reach the desired goal. That means 6-13mm for fine lawns, 13-25mm for ordinary ornamental summer lawns and 40mm for grass in the autumn and spring. If you aren’t quite sure what height you should set your mower at, follow the general rule: never cut more than a third of leaf shoots.
  • Avoid scalping – scalping the lawn may occur on soft ground, as the wheels sink in and blades cut deeper. Be slow on turns and areas with ruts in the lawn and uneven surfaces. It is best to level such imperfections first and then mow.

By following these 4 essential tips, you can ensure that your lawn is maintained in perfect shape.

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