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Powerful perennials that survive all odds

Every garden needs plenty of flowers. There is just something about them that makes the whole place happy and fresh. Whether you are an expert gardener or you are only now starting your hobby, you have to keep flowers in mind, as they will transform your garden.Β If you are not sure of your skills and want to go for flowers that are sure to work, you should pick certain varieties.

Here are few examples of perennial flower power that fits right into your garden:

  • sedumSedum – this is one example of a perennial plant that requires almost zero care. These plants offer a diverse world of colours, sizes and shapes. You can expect them to hold their own against heat, winter cold and insects. One of the prettiest of this plant is Dragon’s Blood sedum with its red and green foliage, which makes for a great addition to a sloping site. Sedums will do well even in partially shady areas, though they will truly thrive in a sunny spot.
  • Epimedium – the go-to plant for shady spots, also referred to as barrenwort. It grows 10-12 inches tall and develops both beautiful flowers and foliage. It is drought-resistant and an ideal option for shady areas and dry soil. The plant spreads slowly, but securely and makes for a great garden workhorse.
  • BuddleiaBuddleia – also known as the butterfly bush, this is a superb option for any garden! It produces wave after wave of nectar-rich, fragrant flowers that enhance the look of your garden all summer long. Each fall the plant dies back to the ground, only to rise stronger in the following spring. Β It thrives in both shady locations and dry soil.
  • Daylily – daylilies flower like crazy in pretty much any sunny spot. They resist drought and insects and come in a wide range of colours and bicolours. When you plant them in your garden, they will eventually form large clumps that you have to divide every few years.
  • HelleboreHellebore – hellebore flowers can boost your spirit as they start showing up in late winter. Because of their early-flowering pattern, these are often called Christmas rose or Lenten. These flowers excel in a shady garden and can transform its like with their white, green, purple, white and rose blooms.
  • Coneflower – this flower is quite popular and is often hybridised. Other than single flowering forms, they also produce doubles and in some cases even triple-packed varieties. They will surprise you with plenty of healthy growth in a sunny spot, but will also do okay in a shady area.
  • Artemisia – this plant provides lovely silvery-grey foliage that is very hot-resistant. This perennial is also doing fine against insects and draught. You can use its branches for some great indoor flower arrangements, which is an added benefit to picking it for your garden.
  • Hosta – if you are all about variety, hostas are your best friend. They adore the shade and come in plenty of different sizes, colours and shapes. Some of them grow to giant proportions of 4 feet tall, while others that merely reach 4 inches. Hostas will award your garden with nice wands of lavender, blue or white flowers in addition to their colourful foliage.

All of these perennials make for a wonderful pick. It is up to you to decide which plant can best support your gardening efforts.

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