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What plants should you keep on your desk at work?

A lot of studies suggest that plants on your desk at work bring many benefits. They transform the area into a more peaceful one and diversify the looks of a strict work area. If you are a nature-lover, you will want to keep some there, to bring tranquillity and wellbeing.

However, if you lack the gardening skills required to look after plants, you may fail to keep any plant alive. Fear not, because there are certain plants that gardening experts recommend as sturdy and quite difficult to kill. These made ideal desk plants for your office.

Not only because they are easy to look after, but also because they are pretty.

  • Plants For Your Office DeskAglaonema – oftentimes shortened to just β€˜aglos’, this plant is popular for the beautiful leaf colours it attains. The deep green tone is dominant, but red and silver often accompany it. The name is derived from the Greek words for bright and thread/filament, which is what you get with the beautiful stamens appearing within the flowers of this plant.
  • Zamioculcas Zamiifolia – you will find this abbreviated the ZZ plant. Don’t get fooled by the hard-to-pronounce name, as the plant is quite easy to look after. It has bulging roots and fat stalks to store a lot of water, which means you will not have to invest daily care. On top of that, ZZ plants do well in low light, which makes them the ideal candidate for a desk.
  • Devil’s Ivy – this representative of the evergreen vines has large leaves, which sometimes come in the shape of hearts. They come in many different colours, both dark and light. The plant adapts well to office conditions, including low light. Devil’s Ivy is an excellent addition to any desk, table or shelf.
  • Peace LilyFicus Benjamina – also referred to as the weeping fig, this plant works well alone, or in combination with others. The most important thing to remember is to keep them away from cold drafts near windows and doors. Other than that, they are pretty tolerant.
  • Peace lily – wide leaves in deep green define the peace lily. The plant grows pretty white flowers, which is where its names come from. Peace lilies are forgiving of the occasional over-watering. This plant has great air purifying properties and creates a pleasant environment at work. Its low light tolerance further makes it ideal for your office.
  • Dracaena – if you are looking for toughness, then a dracaena fits right into that category. Not only is it easy to care for, but it is also quite interesting and makes a great focal point.
  • Cacti – if all else fails, a good cactus will be there to thrive on neglect. Even if you are super forgetful, a cactus will be ever growing thanks to the water it stores. Just provide the plant with some light, and it will survive no matter what.

Include some of these plants on your desk in the office, and you will transform the place. Even if you still have a thing or two to learn about gardening, these plants make a perfect addition, as they don’t require intensive care.

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