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All-weather perennials in your garden to plant now

If you have a garden in the UK and aren’t a complete novice, you probably know that perennials have become quite a thing over the last 20 years or so, which is why you need to have some perennials in your garden. With plants growing more and more beautiful, while retaining the stamina of the hardiest plant species out there, you know that you can rely on a fantastic display from spring to late autumn.

If you are looking for plants that are not particularly difficult to grow, even if you are no experienced gardener, then perennials are your best bet.

You can have them in pots or to fill that gap in the border that has been a thorn in your eyes for some time now. If that is not enough to get you interested in perennials, then also consider the fact that they will return again next year.

Intrigued? Good – here are 6 of the most popular perennial plants to include in your gardening efforts:

‘Illumination Pink’ Foxglove – this plant is the result from hybridisation between isoplexis and hedgerow foxglove. This one is a relentless flower, displaying beautiful colours as it attempts to produce seeds. Experts recommend that you keep a watch on its flower spikes and remove them once they fade. The plant should be divided in spring. At maximum, the plant reaches about 90cm. tall.

Illumination Pink Foxglove - all-weather perennials
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‘Bowle’s Mauve’ Erysimum – they say that if this one was an athlete, it would probably be a marathon runner. It flowers all the way from tulip time to when trees acquire their brown outfits in the autumn. If you have cottage this is one of the best perennials in your garden. Unfortunately, Erysimums hardly make it past a few seasons. Still, you can deadhead and shear over to reduce straggly leaves. You can take a cutting from the plant in summer and replant them.


Erysimum Bowles Mauve - all-weather perennials
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‘Memories’ Dianthus – the Dianthus is surely the one to pick when you want a lovely front-garden flower. It loves exposure to sun and free-draining soil. Provide it with this, and it will give you the most pleasant aroma. Persist in deadheading the plant and the flowers will keep on coming.

dianthus memories - all-weather perennials
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Verbenas – there is a whole range of verbenas with wiry stems, and they are all wonderful, as long as you can plant them somewhere sunny. You can use the plant to create a pool of blue in your sun-exposed parterre, even if the soil is heavy. There are some smaller types, which are ideal for pots.

Verbena - all-weather perennials
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Geranium Rozanne – this plant flowers all the way from June to October. Once warm weather arrives, the Geranium Rozanne will quickly cover the ground with rich green foliage and beautiful blue flowers. The white centre, surrounded by dark veins shines nicely in the sun. The plant is sterile, but bees will regularly raid it, as it has protein-rich pollen.

geranium rozanne - all-weather perennials
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‘Iron Butterfly’ Tiarella – foam flowers, such as the ones this plant produces, have long had their potential realised by expert gardeners. This particular type produces a spike-shaped wand-like flower. The leaves are beautiful too – lime green edges and carob splashes veins. It fits perfectly under trees and windowsills.

perennials in your garden
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Include these perennials in your garden, and you will see just what an excellent addition they are.

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