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Looking to better your shade garden? Add these perennials

Are you looking to brighten up some of the sheltered spots in your garden? Nothing can help you more than some of these colourful perennials, which will come back the next year.

Here is a list of perennials which can help you in that regard:

    • Perennials For Your Shade GardenYellow Corydalis – if you are looking for a hardworking perennial, then this is the right one for you. It is known as the longest bloomer for a sheltered shady spot in your garden. It produces yellow flowers all the way from late spring to when the first frost hits. Of course, as you look at this plant, you will see the beauty in not only its flowers, but also the grey-green leaves. The plant grows about 12 inches and works well with dark green colours in shade gardens.
    • Brunnera – Brunnera adds a nice touch of blue to shade gardens in the spring. You shouldn’t worry about the lack of flowers, as the big textured leaves of the plant also look fantastic, especially if you pick varied types of this plant. Even though the plant ranks as short-lived, it does self-seed, which ensures its long-term presence in the shade. According to some gardeners, it pairs nicely with forget-me-nots.
    • Japanese Painted Fern – as you look at Japanese painted ferns, you will find it hard to imagine a better colourful perennial for shade gardens. Burgundy, silver and lots of green are what the fronds of this plant come in. What makes it ideal for shady areas is that it grows low and spreads slow.
    • Lilyturf – a flowering type of plant, the Lilyturf is the favourite one for many. It comes with grassy foliage and beautiful spikes of white and blue flowers. It reveals its beauty late in the summer. The best aspect of this plant is that it doesn’t really require much effort, as it tends to its own needs.

Bigroot Geranium

  • Bigroot Geranium – this is one of the toughest plants you can pick for a shade garden. It does well in drought and heat and is somewhat pest-resistant. The colours of Bigshade Geranium do a lovely spring show, with their white and pink flowers, which emit a pleasant scent.
  • Toad Lily – this plant can really put up a show with their beautiful flowers. Many compare them to orchids, as a great number of them are spotted and come in shades of purple and blue. By placing Toad lily behind mid-sized plants, you can create a nice focal point in your shade garden.
  • Hosta – if you need an easy-to-grow plant, then Hosta is a great pick. There are many varied types, from mini Hostas that only reach a few inches, to giants sprawling 6 feet and more. You can choose from leaves with shades of blue, gold, white or green. Some plants are fragrant, which is another benefit.
  • Lamium – Lamium produces beautiful clusters of pink/white flowers in mid-spring. The plant reblooms in the summer, adding to the visual appeal of a shade garden for months ahead. Even during periods when it is not blooming, its foliage will brighten up any shady corner.

There is little doubt that all of these plants make a great addition to your garden. Try them out and see for yourself.

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