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7 perfect plants to include in your garden this autumn

Nights are longer and the days – shorter. You guessed it right: autumn is underway and soon to welcome winter. As an enthusiastic gardener, you may not lightly bid farewell to the summer with its glory of colours and outdoor activities in the garden.

However, you can begin planting some bulbs and flowers now to carry you through the colder seasons. It takes a little bit of planning and knowledge on what plants to feature in your gardening efforts. Some plants can make it perfectly fine through the autumn and winter seasons, which makes them perfect candidates for planting now.

Take notes:

Autumn Plants For Your Garden Dahlia

  • Dahlia – this flower is essential when you need borders right around the time other plants begin to fade. The colours of Dahlia are many and all of them are wonderful. They can help you create just about any colour theme in the garden. What is more, Dahlias come in a vast range of sizes to fit your needs perfectly. You can choose from dwarves to XXL specimens.
  • Crocus – expert gardeners all agree that crocuses are great at blossoming in autumn. As the cool weather embraces the plants, Crocuses are forced to bloom through the fallen leaves. The result is a wonderful festival of colour that can truly brighten up your garden.
  • Begonia – if your garden features a patio located in the shade, then Begonias are a perfect addition to it. They can add super bright colours to a shady area and can last all the way to November. Do not hesitate to add them to hanging baskets.
  • Snowdrop – a classic winter bulb that looks not only stunning but also emits lovely fragrance. According to expert gardeners, the best way to plant Snowdrops is by scattering the seeds and planting them where they land. In doing so, you can achieve a natural look that complements the plant.
  • Sternbergia – this plant is excellent for UK winters since it loves sharp drainage and harsh soil. When you work with Sternbergias, it is important to remember to plant bulbs in rockeries or large groups. That is the best way for them to make an impact. If possible, plant them in a spot that sees the sun whenever it comes out, as this can give them a boost.Gladiolus Murielae
  • Gladiolus murielae – many people believe that this is the most elegant autumn flower you can include in your garden. With its long and slender stems and sweet fragrance, it can truly diversify your garden. Since it does excellent through the autumn months, you should entirely include it in your garden.
  • Cyclamen coum – if you are looking for a plant that can brave the winter frost and survive till early January, this is the one. They do great in damp soil and can survive in moist shade conditions. If you have got a tree in your garden, it is best to plant these flowers under it. You will be delighted to see them with snowflakes later on.

As you can see, there are plenty of plants that you can include in your garden this autumn and winter. It is up to you to provide sufficient gardening care, and they will pay off with great colours and fragrance.

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