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A guide on keeping cut flowers fresh for longer

Perhaps one of the best benefits to growing flowers in the garden is that you can always make a fresh bouquet to put inside. Whatever flowers you have, you can instantly improve the dΓ©cor at home by placing a few of them in a vase. However, if you wish for said flowers to look their best and last a long time, you need to invest in some care tips.

Cut flowers require care because they have no roots. Since you have removed them, roots can no longer serve their purpose as a water filter, which means bacteria can freely enter the stem. By removing their filtering system, you are leaving flowers vulnerable. To assist them, follow these easy tips:

Always keep your vases clean

A Guide On Keeping Cut Flowers Fresh For Longer

Perhaps you don’t get fresh flowers every single day. Because of this, your vases may be in less than a clean state. Maybe you have kept them in a cupboard, and they have accumulated quite a lot of dust. It will be best to clean the vase thoroughly and allow it to air dry before using it to put your flowers in. If you dry with a towel, you may invite bacteria, which will be present when you add water and flowers later on.

Add flower food

By adding a flower food sachet to the water, you can grant your freshly cut flowers a considerable boost. Stir it up to ensure it is fully dissolved and then put the flowers in. Flower food is basically a mix of bactericide, citric acid and sugar. These ingredients make for the best environment for any cut flowers. You should keep the dose within check, however, as too much of a good thing can kill off cut flowers.

Mind the amount of water

Using tap water for fresh flowers is ok, but you have to be careful how much you pour of it if you are to keep the thriving blooms for long. The way to do it depends on the stems. For woody stems, such as those of roses, you will need to fill the vase at least 2/3 full. For softer stems, you need to fill the vase halfway only, since they are fond of a shallow drink.

Prepare the stems

Cut Flowers Tips

Before you put the flowers in the vase, measure the stems next to the vase. Remove any foliage that is below the vase waterline. The reason for this is simple: any foliage left under the waterline will produce harmful bacteria and begin to decompose. Next, cut the stems at an angle with a sharp instrument. Doing this will leave more opening for better water uptake. After you have done this, don’t delay putting the flowers into a vase, since they are already short on moisture.

The location of the vase is important too

When you get freshly cut flowers into a vase, you cannot just put it anywhere. It needs to be away from heat sources (oven, radiators or other household appliances), direct sunlight and draft. If you subject your flowers to such conditions, you are essentially dooming them.

Check on the flowers

It would be wise to check the flowers every few days. Make sure the water they are in is not cloudy and dirty. Pick flowers by the stems and remove spent foliage. This will improve vase life for your flowers big time.

By following all of these tips, you can surely keep your flowers fresh for longer. That way you will enjoy their pretty colours and aroma long after you have cut them.

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