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8 tips on keeping cut flowers fresh for a longer time

There is no denying the fact that a bouquet of freshly cut flowers can instantly transform the room and the mood of anyone entering there. If you have a garden of your own and you like to plant flowers, it won’t be long before you reap the rewards of your gardening efforts. 

However, it is important to make sure the flowers don’t wilt quickly and prematurely.

Few Tricks You Can Employ to Keep them Lively and Vibrant for a Longer Time

Start by choosing the right container Clean Vase

Flowers need a clean vase and pure water. If there is any leftover residue from a detergent, it will wilt faster. If the flowers are tall and fragile, you should put them in a tall vase. If the blooms are heavy, you should put them in a low vase with more room so they can spread out. 

Cut 2inches off the stem 

Make a clean cut with garden shears and remove 2 inches off the flower stem. Aim to cut at a 45-degree angle, to increase the surface area and improve water uptake. Shorter stems tend to supply the blooms with water better than longer stems. 

The water needs to be right 

Flowers do best in water that is of room temperature. If you have bulb flowers, keep them in cool/cool water, as they tend to do better that way. Fill the three-quarters full and remember to add more water as the flowers absorb it. It is best to ensure the pH level are somewhere around 3.5 – 5 because that is when flowers do best. 

Remove leaves below the waterline 

Submerged leaves rot and contribute to harmful bacterial growth, which can make short work of flowers. Once you put the flowers in a vase, make sure to remove any leaves that end up below the waterline. 

Consistent maintenance is required Fresh Flowers

If you just let your flowers sit in murky water, they will end up dying a lot quicker than you expect. You should replace the water every few days and clean out the vase. Re-cutting the flower stems every 3 days is also a good way to keep flowers fresh for longer because it allows them to absorb more water. 

Don’t keep cut flowers in a harsh environment 

One example would be placing the flower vase in direct sunlight or near a hot appliance. A lot of flowers are sensitive to heat and will wilt in no time. Believe it or not, placing flowers next to fruit can also reduce their lifespan, because of the ethylene gas emitted. Don’t place flowers near windows, fans, and air conditioners, i.e. in the way of air gusts. 

Use a flower food packet 

You can find various pre-packaged mixtures in your florist and some supermarkets even. Flowed food packets usually contain a good mix of sugar that feeds flowers, acidifiers to ensure the best pH, and some biocide that removes harmful bacteria. This can ensure that cut flowers remain alive and fresh for a long time. 

Make a DIY flower food 

If you don’t want to buy food packets, make your own. Simply fill the vase with 3 parts water and 1 part soda (for the sugar), along with a few drops of bleach for killing bacteria. You can also mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, 2 tablespoons of sugar, and ½ tsp. bleach in the vase. This should also prolong the life of the flowers. 

Following all of these tips can surely increase the time cut flowers remain alive and well for a long time. 

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