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What are the most common gardening mistakes and how you can fix them?

If you have only recently started out on your journey as a novice gardener, you must know there are some gardening mistakes that you are bound to make. Now, this is only natural, just as the hobby you have taken on – gardening is not easy, and the processes involved in it aren’t always as straightforward as they seem.

It takes a bit of learning what mistakes are common and how to avoid them: 

Watering technique 

Many people water their plants, with little regard over the time of the day they are doing this task. But the thing is, if you water during the heat of the day, you are making a mistake. For starters, that is the time of the day when you are wasting water – it evaporates due to the heat and doesn’t get to the roots of the plants. Secondly, any water droplets that end up on plant foliage can scorch the leaves, since water acts as a magnifying glass. It is best to water plants in the morning or late in the evening, in order to be most effective about it. Another watering mistake lies with spraying the surface and thinking it is enough. It is best to saturate the soil instead. Poke a hole at it, if it is not absorbing well.

Planting a very big tree in the front garden 

This is a common mistake, which people often make because they cannot envision the way a tree will take over their garden. Instead, you should consider more manageable trees, like Pencil Cherries, of Weeping Pears. Kilmarnock Willow and Japanese Maples also make wonderful addition to the front garden, without taking up too much space. 

WeedingPoor weeding practice 

A lot of people resort to using hoes for chopping the top parts of weeds. But the thing is, a lot of weeds possess a very strong root structure. Killing the top part does nothing. You need to be digging up, in order to remove the weeds. It is best to do it one weed after the next, not giving them a chance to spread around. 

Cutting the lawn too short 

If you are among the so-called ‘lawn scalpers’, you need to reconsider your mowing methods. The issue with cutting the lawn too short lies with it becoming too vulnerable to drought and dry spells. If you know one such is coming, it is best to let your lawn remain as it is for a little while longer. It retains more moisture and overall stays in a healthier state. As with any other plant, don’t water the lawn in the middle of the day, since the heat can scorch the blades.

SlugsDealing with slugs 

If you notice slugs in your garden, you want to act quickly, before it is too late. There are various ways to address the situation, but one method is spreading around egg shells. If you are early enough to start on this anti-slug measure, they won’t have time to breed. 

Not doing well for house plants 

The people who most often kill their houseplants do it out of kindness. What this means is that they are trying to be too generous with water. Allowing house plants to sit in water for a continuous amount of time will lead to root rotting. Make sure you only water when the soil in the pot is dry. Poke with your finger to feel it. 

These are just a few of the most common gardening mistakes people make. Make sure you avoid them and your garden will thrive. 

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