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Seven mistakes you are making with an indoor herb garden

If you are short on outdoor space and have decided to create your indoor herb garden, you know how wonderful it feels. It is an excellent way to flex your green thumb and care for some useful plants inside your home. Besides, growing your herb garden is a great way to get delicious rewards. That last bit is only possible when you don’t make inevitable mistakes.

Mistakes that you will do well to avoid in making with an indoor herb garden: 

You water your herbs too often 

It may be tempting to reach for the watering can daily, but herbs are not like most plants. You should only water them when the topsoil layer feels dry when you poke it with your finger. When the topsoil is damp, you should leave the plants be. Just touch the soil every few days and water the herbs then, instead of automatically assuming they need water.

You go without a drainage pot Drainage Pot 

If you wish to grow indoor herbs successfully, you need to consider the pot you plant them in. It needs to have sufficient drainage built into it. Check the pot not just for its looks but also for what sort of drainage it has. When the pot has holes, it will prevent root rot. If you wish to be most effective when watering, put the plants in your sink and water them in their pots. A good pot with drainage will allow the water to seep through. 

Not giving herbs the right amount of sunlight 

Apart from water, herbs require sunlight. You will do well to research the specific type of herb you want to look after and note their demands. Some are needier, and some require a certain amount of direct/indirect sunlight. Make sure the location you choose for them sees enough sunlight. 

Herbs won’t do so well with heat 

It is one thing receiving warm rays from the sun. But getting blasted by artificial heat is something herbs don’t tolerate well. Whether it is space heaters, air vents or radiators, artificial heat will dehydrate the plants and suck out the water from their leaves. Keeping them near a heat source is a sure way to ruin them. 

You never prune them 

Indoor herbs need a regular trim, so pruning them is a must. It helps them grow faster and healthier. By harvesting some leaves, you allow the plant to stay in the growth stage longer. 

Starting from seedlings Herb Garden From Seeds

While it is perfectly possible to create a herb garden from seeds, you don’t need to. You can start from a small plant instead. In many ways, this will be a more successful strategy because it has an established root system. In this way, you will focus your efforts.

 On helping the herb grow and not on hoping it will sprout

You can ask gardening experts what herbs best suit your zone and go with those. 

You don’t feed the plants enough 

Before your herbs are ready to become a delicious part of a meal, they require feeding. A top-quality organic soil is a great way to extend their life and give them a healthy boost. Don’t use just soil from your yard; go with loose potting soil for maximum growth. 

If you wish to grow a great herb garden indoors, these mistakes should be avoided. 

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