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Keeping plant display vivid with the right foliage

One common mistake garden enthusiasts make is that they focus entirely on flower colours. While it is true that flowers are pretty, you need to consider that it is the plant’s leaves and foliage that provide the more long-lived display. By carefully selecting foliage plants for your garden, you can get a beautiful backdrop of greenery for a large part of the year.

Following are a few options you have in that regard:

  • Plant FoliageGrass in beds/containers – grass plants are what usually gardeners neglect, even though they add beauty to the garden. Many kinds of grass fit the garden perfectly with their leaves in various colours – from green to golden. The thing is that you don’t have to plant grass in the ground. You can instead take these plants to a pot, which is an ideal solution for adorning your pool. As a matter of fact, there are some invasive ornamental grasses, which gardeners only like to use with containers. Some types you can plant directly in the ground, without any fear that they will take over – Gold Veil and Alboaurea.
  • Sedges (Carex) – this evergreen foliage looks very much like grass. You can use it best to light up a shady area of the garden with golden and variegated leaves. These are few of the popular options: Carex pendula, Carex morrowii, C. stricta.
  • Bamboos – even though they have a foreign origin, bamboos do very well in Britain. As long as you plant them in a sheltered spot (seeing as how they dislike cold winds), you can expect excellent results. Pick among the non-invasive types, such as Arudinaria, growing well over a metre or the zig-zag grower Shibataea kumasasa.
  • Garden Design TipsFerns – this type of foliage plants does very well in the shade. There is no way you will dislike the delicate leaf patterns or fresh fronds. There are a few types of ferns you can get if you provide the right growing conditions. Bucklers like woodland and do well in dry soils and shade. Lady ferns are the best pick for a bog garden, as they like wet roots. Shuttlecock ferns are another type that like damp soil and shade. If you are blessed with a spacious garden, you best consider royal fern. It develops two kinds of frond – a leafy one and one that bears spores. When grown properly, it can develop into a gorgeous plant with a height of 2 metres.
  • Hostas – if you are looking for a great contrast in colour and shape to ferns and grasses, pick hostats. A lot of types come with a touch of blue to their leaves, while many of the various kinds come with yellow leaf margins. You can place them near water, as that is where they look their best. Whether in the ground or in a container, you can keep hostas happy in dry, moist soil.

As you can see, you have quite a lot of options when it comes to adding more foliage to your garden. Consider the best options so that the place looks great.
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