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How to make an indoors cactus garden with your children

indoor cactus garden

If you havenโ€™t ignited the spark of interest regarding indoor cactus gardening within your children, you must definitely try to do so. Little ones are naturally curious about everything and they are such eager enthusiasts when it comes to starting different projects, as long as it is fun and interesting.

When it comes to plants, cactuses are always fun. These plants come in many shapes and forms, and they make for almost a Pokemon-like video game, in which you need to collect them all. Planting and caring for them then is another interesting activity that children will surely love, as long as you teach them how. Donโ€™t worry if you are not a gardening expert yourself – cacti are well-known to thrive even in the case of neglect, i.e. they really do not require that much special care and attention. See how you get this project going:

  • Make a trip to the garden centre – you will need a place to buy the plants from. There are many types you can acquire for your indoor cactus garden and each of them looks amazing. Consider Atropurpureum, Aloe vera,ย Kalanchoe diagremontiana, Ferocactus glaucescens, Lithops karamontana and more. ย In order to make the indoor cactus garden more spectacular, you can acquire few of these and plant them together.
  • Things you will need – first, and most important, you will need a medium-depth plant pot, which is large enough for several cacti. Next, you will need grit, coarse sand or shingle to plant the cacti in. Compost is a good thing to add to the soil since it will provide nutrients and speed up the growth. Last, you can add pebbles or whatever items you want to decorate the garden.
  • Start the garden – the first thing you must do with your children is creating a nice drainage in the pot. Add some crocks and cover them up with coarse sand or shingle. Cacti need good drainage and that is how you can easily achieve it. Mix together some compost and coarse sand to fill the pot with. Upon completing this step, you will have the item ready for the cacti.
  • Sort the cacti – one of the best ways to plant cacti is to sort them into two groups: such with thorns/prickles and such without thorns. The non-prickly plants should be directly placed into the bowl and then given enough soil around the roots. Teach your children to put enough soil since cacti donโ€™t like floppy and loose ground.

cactus garden

  • Careful with thorny plants – the best way to handle prickly cacti is by wrapping them in a folded sheet of newspaper so that the thorns donโ€™t hurt anyone. It is best to personally oversee this job and take precautions – give your children a pair of gloves to avoid any damage.
  • Decorate the pot – children will likely have the most fun decorating the pot with pebbles. Such items are best placed among the plants. As a finishing touch, any soil that can still be seen should be covered with shingle and sand.
  • Place the new garden – the best location for a cacti garden is near a window or windowsill. It wonโ€™t be long before the plants start growing.
  • Proper watering – cacti are resilient enough and only need to be watered when the soil they are planted in is dry. Tell your children not to overdo it, or else the cacti will not grow properly.

That is an easy enough project you and your children can easily implement at home. The indoor cactus garden is surely something that will spark the interest of your young ones about gardening and get them hyped about future green projects.

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