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How to Choose the Right Type of Pots for Your Container Gardening

If you want to start container gardening, you may be looking for your desired items and supplies. Among other things, containers are the most important. Since there are different types of containers to choose from, you may need help to make a choice. Your local plant nursery may offer many options to cover your needs.

It is not a good idea to choose without taking your time. The type of container you choose depends on your needs and personal preferences. Each type of powder container offers a set of advantages and disadvantages. And we will help you choose the best type to meet your needs. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Different Garden Container Types

PlasticPlastic Pots

You can find plastic pods in several sizes. If you need more money to invest in your container gardening, we suggest you use plastic pots. The good thing about plastic containers is that you can easily purchase them at your nearby plant nursery.

Plastic containers are the most popular type of garden container. For example, you can paint these containers to achieve the look of wood or stone. Moreover, plastic containers are lightweight and strong enough to withstand a fall.

However, plastic pots need to offer proper insulation for plants. Therefore, you cannot depend on these containers in cold weather. Apart from this, thin plastic containers can easily split up.

Before purchasing plastic containers for your gardening, consider these advantages and disadvantages.

Clay pots

Another common type of garden container is known as a clay pot. Like plastic pots, you can find clay pots in different shapes and sizes at your nearby nursery. Generally, these boards are handmade, but they are also mass-produced.

It is essential to keep in mind that clay pots are porous. Therefore, you will need to water your clay pots more often. Apart from this, plastic pots are less strong than plastic pots. If you drop them, they will easily break up. Moreover, you will have to move them inside in the cold weather since they are frail.

Unlike plastic pods, clay pots are heavier and more challenging to move around, especially if you have purchased larger ones. Consider these pointers before purchasing clay pots.


If you like the look of stones, consider pots and stones made of stone. Stone containers can make your garden look more beautiful. But the downside is that these containers are more expensive.

Another disadvantage is that these containers are a lot heavier than clay pots. You cannot lift these heavy pots on your own. Therefore, you will have to get a helping hand if you want to move them around in your garden.

The good thing about stone containers is that they offer excellent insulation in cold weather. Therefore, the cold weather won’t damage your plant roots in winter.

WoodWood Pots

If you want to improve the rustic look of your home garden, you can try out wood containers. The good thing about wood containers is that you can make them yourself provided you have the right tools and skills.

You can also purchase them from a nearby plant nursery. But make sure that the wood containers are not treated. It is not a good idea to plant vegetables in treated wood containers.

From this, wooden pots are prone to burrowing insects. Therefore, drainage is another essential factor that you should keep in mind when purchasing food containers.

Long story short, this described some of the common advantages and disadvantages of different types of plant containers. Consider these advantages and disadvantages the next time you purchase plant containers for your home garden.

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