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Here are a few chores you should address in March

Gardening is somewhat seasonal, but you have to consider weather variations. The conditions across the UK are such that they make the rules of what to do in your garden at specific times somewhat loose. Spring is never the same as last year, and the weather makes a difference. 

Some Pointers as to what you Should be Doing for your Garden this March

Prune the roses 

Late winter is the best time to prune roses if you have some of these great bushes in the garden. You should make some cuts no deeper than 5mm above the bud, cutting to а bud that is facing outwards, to promote open-centred shape. If you cannot see a dormant bud, always cut to the appropriate height. Dieback should be pruned next to the healthy white pith part. If you have any established roses, you should only cut the parts that are flowering poorly. 

Plant your summer-flowering bulbs Plant Your Summer Flowering Bulbs 

Snowdrops, tulips, daffodils all make a fantastic display in the spring. They are among the easiest plant to grow if you just follow some easy tips. First, you should choose a sunny side of the garden with plenty of drainages. You should get a container with the appropriate mix and add in some garden compost to speed up the growth of the bulbs. 

Divide perennials 

If you take the time to divide your perennials well, you can later reap the rewards in the form of healthy and vigorous plants. Summer –flowering plants, in particular, should be divided in march. The way you do it is by lifting the soil with its roots gently with a fork. Shake off the excess soil and plant them in divisions. Expert gardeners recommend you water the perennials well. If you are planting them in the same spot, you should add a little compost. 

Some container maintenance 

You can always rely on plants in containers to bring some life to various garden spots in your garden. It could be the balcony, patio or window box that you use for the task. Planting them in early spring is always good because it enables them to grow strong roots and establish themselves. You have to ensure that roots get a good balance of water and air. Once you see the plant is big enough, you should move it to a bigger container. 

Mow the lawn Mow The Lawn 

If you are going for a more conventional look at your lawn, you should start mowing as early as spring. Unless the growth of long-grass and flower is quite vigorous, you should not mow too hard. Additionally, remember that you should mostly mow on dry days if it is needed. 

Reduce weeds early for control 

Spring and summer are when weeds are most troublesome usually. You can always do some hand-pulling which is time-consuming, but quite effective early on when weeds are still rare. You can also use a hoe by running it over a bed to remove most of the early weed seedlings. Doing it on a dry day with a lot of wind is ideal. 

Start using the pond again 

It is time to remove the pond heater if the weather forecast doesn’t say anything about freezing temperatures. If you have fish in there, now would be a good time to feed them. You should also do a cleaning of the pond by removing any features. 

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