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5 upgrades to make to your greenhouse this spring

With spring nearly here, it is time to think about some greenhouse upgrades and how reorganise it a little. There is so much that you can use a greenhouse for, but the only way to ensure that is to see it is well designed and equipped with everything necessary to sustain plants.

Dedicate an entire day to clearing out clutter and deciding on what items should not be in there. Then, gather a few useful tools and give the greenhouse a proper clean. After all, this landscaping staple has endured the elements throughout the entire winter, so it needs that little extra care and attention. After that, you could do some updates to make your greenhouse much better:

Greenhouse vents – poor ventilation is among the main causes for fungal diseases on plants. According to numerous gardening experts, fungal diseases are the leading cause for poor plant growth, as they cause multiple issues with different parts of the plant. Luckily, you can combat this fairly easy by providing extra air circulation through vents. Adding two slatted vents is ideal, though you can also consider an automatic vent-opener. It will open the vents and let fresh air in if you forget to do so, which could mean the difference between life and death for your plants on a very hot day.greenhouse upgrades

Shading – in case of unusually high temperatures, shading is one of the greenhouse upgrades that can provide a line of protection against the sun. Probably the best option you have is to add shade netting on every side of the greenhouse roof. Netting is an affordable choice and can spare your budget when you are working with restricted funds.

Electricity – you may think that your greenhouse doesn’t need electricity (all the more because it is rather expensive), but it is worth it because this is one of the greenhouse upgrade which opens up many possibilities. For one, it gives you the option of adding a reliable light source in the evenings, which could be a massive growth boost for plants. Plugging in a propagator or a heated mat is then also a possibility, giving you the option to keep seedlings in the greenhouse instead of cluttering your home. You definitely need to consider the pros and cons on this one.

Heat source – having a heat source in the greenhouse can greatly extend the growing season. That way you will be able to choose from a wide range of plants to include. It is best to feature a heater with a thermostat so that you don’t need to worry about maintaining constant temperature in the greenhouse. Look to maintain 4 degrees Celsius or a little over that, as it will guarantee healthy plant growth, even in winter.

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Growing bags and pots – greenhouses present three main options for growing plants – border soil, growing bags or pots. Border soil is often more demanding in that it requires replenishing as well as sterilising. Pots and growing bags are more convenient, because when you are done harvesting, you can start anew with zero worries about soil-borne diseases.

There is every reason to upgrade your greenhouse with the outlined suggestions. With these greenhouse upgrades, it will be ready to face any challenges the weather throws at it all the while being the perfect growing spot for your plants.

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