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Gardening chores to address in May and June

May and June are both pretty busy months of the year for gardeners. If you have a garden, then you surely feel happy to do some work there. This will allow you to turn the place into a wonderful area for the summer, where you can have a lot of fun. To plan your work accordingly, you first need to learn more about the tasks. Below you will find a few of the more important ones:

Gardening Chores To Address In May And June

  1. Bulbs – by now spring bulbs should have stopped blooming and are maybe looking somewhat tired. However, resist the temptation to remove them. The idea is that by leaving them in place, you allow the leaves to create food for the bulb, which in turn will produce more flowers next year. Cutting some of the flower heads is fine if that would make them look a little better. When you see the leaves turn yellow, that is when you will know they are no longer any good and can cut them.
  2. Perennials – in May, the ground is warm, and the conditions are perfect for perennials. If you are planning on using such plants, now is the time to get them going. It is good to point out that you should apply mulch, as it helps prevent weeds. If you think your plants are going to need support, you should put them in now. This will save you some time and effort in the long, as it is a task you will find more difficult to deal with once plants get going.
  3. Shrubs – if you have ribes, choisya or Japanise quince in your garden, then you will want to check on their flowering progress. At this point, you will need to cut them back. Tender plants should undergo pruning as soon as frosts have passed.
  4. WildflowersAnnuals – if you are going to do any direct sowing, annuals, such as poppies, nigella, nasturtiums and cosmos are the best picks. Sow them in drifts, or mix them up if that is what you prefer. Planting them in pots is also an option if you are going to use them in hanging baskets and window boxes.
  5. Lawn – it won’t be long before the grass is shooting up if it has not begun already. If possible, you should be mowing every single week. If that is something you have forgotten this duty and you find the grass is tall, raise your mower’s height as much as possible. Gradually decrease the height with the following cuts.
  6. Wildflowers – if you are after a meadow or a wildflower patch, now would be an excellent time to sow it. Consider your soil. You want the mix to be the right one for your conditions. The wonderful thing about this is you don’t really need all that much space; a few square metres will do fine. Turn your lawn to wildflowers, since it will help wildlife. They are also pretty low maintenance, so that is another plus.
  7. Bedding plants – you should put summer bedding as soon as the frosts have passed. You will find plenty of plug plants to choose from, though if you wish to go with ease to look after, then geraniums are the best to pick. They come in upright and trailing varieties. Bedding plants are quick growers, so feel free to experiment. That way you will know what best works for you.

As you can see, there are plenty of chores to address in your garden this May and June. Better get on with them, or you will find yourself overwhelmed.

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  1. Thank you so much for your list of chores for May and June – very helpful – I am trying to plant my garden with edible plants.