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6 gardening mistakes you might not realise you are making

If you have a garden to your home, you will surely want to invest some time to make the most of it by planting some flowers, shrubs, trees and perennials. There is much to learn, if you wish to maintain the place in good condition and not end up with a garden that mostly looks neglected and run down. The issue is sometimes you won’t know you are doing some major gardening mistakes and can be ruining your efforts.

Few examples of issues to avoid to maintain on top of your garden:

Having no flowers to attract pollinators

Plants need to go through the process of pollination if they are to produce fruit and seeds. Yes, there are some self-polinated plants, but a large majority like apples, blueberries, squash, watermelon and more require bees, beetles and other pollinators. The way to fix the issue is to make your garden more favourable towards there winged workers. The way to do it is to have pollinator-friendly plants around – bee balm, catmint, herbs and lavender.

PollinatorYou put plants in a wrong spot

While you may be tempted to put a gorgeous-looking plant by your front door, it may be better to consider if it is a shade-loving species. Sun lovers and shade lovers need to be put in the garden spot that caters to their needs the best. Every plant has a right place in the garden and you best find out which.

Planting too close

Plants really don’t like being crowded so that is another thing you should consider. Regardless if you are planting shrubs, vegetables or flowers, plants need some space, in order to spread properly and grow. If you squeeze everything too tightly, you risk diseases and will only stun the growth of your plants. Give them some space and they will reward you.

Planting too deeply

This is a very common mistake with people who are only now starting their gardening journey. Digging holes too deep is a major issue, because it can lead to plants dying off too early. And you may not even think that it will have to do with the way the plant was planted. The right way to dig holes is to have them at a width equal to 2-3 times that of the container. However, the depth should never exceed the depth of the pot itself, and sometimes should even be an inch above ground level, when you are using mulch. In other words, if you are planting a tree, it should not look like a telephone post coming straight from the ground.

Premature Pruning 

Premature pruning

You need to be careful with the urge to snip your shrubs into shape. Many flowering shrubs bloom on old wood, which is essentially last year’s growth. When you prune way too soon, you risk cutting this year’s growth. That is why you should be patient, especially if you are not sure what sort of plant you have. Sometimes it is best to consult with gardening experts on how to best prune your plants, or just let them have it. It is not a task you should do if you don’t know how to.

Making a mulch volcano

A volcano-shaped mounds around trees and shrubs are not uncommon. However, they are not ideal, because they hold some moisture against the stem of the plant, which then in turn leads to decay. This means the plant is more vulnerable to disease and insects. Pull away mulch layers from the tree, in order to avoid such issues.

Keeping all of these mistakes in mind and avoiding them is a fine way to stay on top of your garden.

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