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10 Garden Chores for Kids

Plants start growing and producing flowers when the weather gets warmer. So, this is the time of year when you need to return to your garden and do some essential chores. If you need assistance with garden chores, your kids may help. Your kids will love digging around in the mud. Having them engaged in garden chores is a good idea. Let’s talk about some garden chores your kids will love to take care of.

Here Are Some Garden Chores Your Kids Will Love to Take Care Of.

Pulling up Weeds

If you have a garden in your home, you have to weed no matter what. We suggest you help your kids identify weeds in your garden. Then, they will have fun removing the weeds. Plus, they will learn the art of gardening in this process.Watering Plants

Watering Plants

You can buy a few watering cans for your kids and allow them to water your plants from time to time. If you want to build their interest in gardening, you can even let them have a few pots to take care of.

After a few weeks, you can allow them to have fun with the hose. You can’t imagine how much they will enjoy these chores.

Collecting Fallen Leaves

You can buy your kids a small rake to help you collect fallen leaves in the autumn and winter months. They can help you collect hedge trimmings and stray grass in the summer.

Your kids will go over the moon as they see the pile of leaves, grass, and hedge trimmings building up.

Picking up Fruit and Veggies

You can plant easy-to-grow veggies, salad leaves, and strawberry plants in your home garden. Then, once they are ready to harvest, you can get your kids to help pick them up. This practice can help your kids understand the source of food and the type of plants they are not supposed to eat.

Sowing and Planting

Other garden chores your kids will love are sowing and planting. You can get your kids to help when it’s time to sow seeds, flowers, and plants. They can help you dig holes and get the ground ready for fresh seeds or plants. You can even help them learn how to put the plants in the ground and fill the hole with soil.

Investing in small garden tools for your kids is a good idea. After planting, allow your kids to water the plants. Next, you may take your kids to the market and allow them to choose their desired packets of seeds. Finally, the older kids may choose their flower pots or beds.

Your kids will enjoy seeing tiny strings of plants emerge from seeds and turn into tall plants. Most kids love daisies, sunflowers, and lavender plants.

Inspecting Plants for Insects

Let your kids inspect the plant leaves to improve their understanding of harmful insects and slugs. You can even allow your older kids to treat the infected plants. The idea is to get your kids to help you with garden chores and help them learn.

Taking Care of Birds and Animals

You may have a bird feeder or table in your garden. If so, you may let your kids look after it. The good thing is that you can follow the DIY approach and make a bird feeder by yourself. The idea is to ensure your birds and animals have access to fresh food and water at all times.

It’s a good idea to plant butterfly- and bee-friendly plants in your garden. The idea is to make your garden wildlife-friendly.Kids Painting Fences

Painting Fences and Walls

You can use creosote or paint to smarten up your tired-looking garden. But, of course, your kids can help you with this task.

Collecting Toys

You can encourage your kids to collect their toys from the garden and keep them in the right place after playing. Help your kids understand that storing toys in the right place helps prolong their life.

Deadheading Flowers

Your kids may help you deadhead plants and flowers that have already wilted. We know that deadheading plants and flowers are essential for proper growth.

In short, these are the garden chores your kids can help you with. So, if you want to keep your kids occupied and help them learn a thing or two, let them have fun in your garden.

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