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3 Great Strategies For Planting Flower Beds

3 great strategies for planting flower beds

Β  As a newbie gardener who is just studying the basic strategies to start a garden from scratch, you will find out that gardening is not a simple undertaking. Perfect Spot in Planting Flower Beds Maintaining your lawn or upgrading your veggie garden could be

Gardening Chores To Address In May And June

Gardening chores to address in May and June

May and June are both pretty busy months of the year for gardeners. If you have a garden, then you surely feel happy to do some work there. This will allow you to turn the place into a wonderful area for the summer, where you

Gardening Chores You Should Address In March

Gardening chores you should address in March

March is definitely not a month to be slacking off when it comes to garden work. This is the time marking the start of the busiest season for gardeners all around the country and you need to definitely stay on top of your chores, which

Plant Foliage

Keeping plant display vivid with the right foliage

One common mistake garden enthusiasts make is that they focus entirely on flower colours. While it is true that flowers are pretty, you need to consider that it is the plant’s leaves and foliage that provide the more long-lived display. By carefully selecting foliage plants

Honey Bee

5 ways to make your garden bee-friendly

It is no secret that bees are facing some tough times in recent years. A quick glance at the data reveals some worrying facts that you might want to take to heed. In the UK alone there are more than 254 species of bumblebees, with

cactus garden

How to make an indoors cactus garden with your children

If you haven’t ignited the spark of interest regarding indoor cactus gardening within your children, you must definitely try to do so. Little ones are naturally curious about everything and they are such eager enthusiasts when it comes to starting different projects, as long as